Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Update. . .

Well, here I am! It's been a while since the last post on here and I thought I'd give an update.

Portland was fun, the wedding was great. We headed up to Astoria to pick up the kids and visit with my parents for a couple days. Totoro ran great, though when we headed home we went through Seaside and over HWY 26. This way was much more mountainous than HWY 30 over to Longview. Totoro had a bit of a hard time on the long long up hill stretches. By the time we made it down I-5 to Salem and over Santiam into Sisters, the valves were noisy and the engine was hot and tired. Nothing terribly wrong, just ready for a rest. We got home and the next day Totoro was much happier hanging out in the driveway. I got the timing belt fixed on the Honda CRV. The B20Z engine in the CRV is and interference motor, meaning the valves and piston occupy the same space at different times and will smash into each other if the engine is out of time, say, when the timing belt breaks. Luckily, Sommer shut the engine off just as the belt sheared a bunch of teeth off the belt, saving the engine and us a bunch of money. Totoro is also very happy not to be the sole transportaion for our fmaily. It was seeing a lot of miles lately. I'll post pictures soon, soory for the boring post. :)

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